Graduate from Maharaja Saiyaji Rao University, Baroda in 2009, Bachelor in Visual Arts.

MSU is one of the foremost universities for Art & Design in India. It has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Graphic Designing and a strong conceptual understanding of the same. which introduced me to a wide range of exploring creativity, Hence over the years my goals aimed towards strengthening my ideas towards my passion ‘Design / Illustration & Murals’.

To conceive new ideas and to develop a system that transpires those ideas into promising realism is what I want to set as my workl. The vast possibility of trying out new concepts is what I find most interesting about Design & Art. I believe that an inquisitive and explorative approach leads to a constant learning process, which adds to the immense prospective of innovation in the field of Illustration.I now propose to extend my horizons in gainin as anartist the varied knowledge which will shape me up to find my deepest identity.

Work Experience 

Sr.Graphic Designer at Cognito Advertising, Baroda

Worked at Christopher Charles Benninger Architects Pvt. Ltd. – Pune

Former Art director at Scarecrow Communications Ltd. – Mumbai

Graphic Designer at INDI Design– Pune

Communication Designer at Elephant Design-Pune

Worked at The Times of India-Ahmedabad

Worked at Ochre Revival – Ahmedabad


Shraddha Trivedi : Graphic Designer | Wall Mural Artist | Illustrator

Mobile: +91 8698929610
Email: shradhatriv@gmail.com


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